CASE STUDY: Manufacturing

Waupaca Foundry is the largest producer of gray, ductile, austempered ductile, and compacted graphite iron in the world, melting 9,500 tons per day.

As a result, the Accounts Payable department receives 12,000 invoices per month for their six locations.

The management team recognized that the consolidation of “back office” processes, from six facilities to one, caused delays in processing. These inefficiencies led to the need to add more people which defeated the purpose of consolidation.

James Imaging Systems’ Solutions Group provided their expertise in workflow automation to integrate an easy-to-use content management system which integrated with Waupaca Foundry’s current SAP environment.

This allowed 90% of the incoming invoices to be routed automatically to the invoice owner for approval.

Project Highlights

·      45% of invoices are now

·      $280,000 in wages saved

·      $23,000 in storage costs saved 

·       Cut processing time to 83%


The Solutions Group utilized the tools within DocuWare to create a tight integration with SAP.

“I only have positive things to say about the James Imaging Solutions Group – very timely and knowledgeable”

~Betsy Grant, IT Manager – ERP, Waupaca Foundry

The Summary

  • James Imaging Systems’ Solutions Group helped design and implement the solutions for the defined inefficiency
  • Through careful discovery, the correct tools werebrought to the table to fill the current need while building a platform that can easily benefit Waupaca Foundry as they continue to grow.
  • The content management system and workflow tool is easy-to-use and administrate which further cuts down on future forward expense