Connect to SAP

Get even more out of your investment in your SAP system when you securely archive your documents in DocuWare.

Link all your business documents to SAP and access them directly from there.

A Seamless Integration with your SAP System

A Seamless Integration with your SAP System

We thoroughly analyze your usage patterns and discuss which strategic areas need integration points between your systems.

The efficiency of porting documents and data between SAP and DocuWare dramatically reduces accounting errors and cut administration time by up to 20%. The integration of DocuWare and SAP applies to both incoming and outgoing documents. Store them all in DocuWare and have direct access from SAP with the sophisticated features of the DocuWare Webclient.

In addition to the time-savings of administrative staff, the integration also saves on SAP storage costs.

DocuWare does not only store documents but could also create drafts in SAP with the OCR captured and enriched data from a workflow e.g. for incoming invoices.

  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • S/4 HANA
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP byDesign

Future Friendly

DocuWare implements the current SAP interface standard and is upwardly compatible with future versions.


Connect cloud or on premise SAP with cloud or on premise DocuWare as you like.


SAP has tested and certified DocuWare for integration with SAP ECC 6.0 and S/4 HANA.


Communication between DocuWare and SAP is secure using encrypted SSL/TLS.

Realize Cross-System Scenarios

The DocuWare Connect to SAP Version 2 module for SAP ECC 6.0 / S/4HANA can be easily extended with additional modules to realize cross-system scenarios:

  • Document Indexing: Indexing of documents in DocuWare with master and movement data from SAP
  • Document Link: Linking documents without barcodes to SAP records, launching workflows in SAP
  • Document Viewer: Display archived documents from SAP directly in DocuWare
  • Integrity Control: Check whether all documents that are to be archived according to SAP Customizing have really been stored and are accessible. Supports the customer in proving completeness to auditors.

Same features are available for SAP Business One using ECM-Connect and SAP byDesign using BYD-Connect.

Let's Talk Integration!

Your first step to any integration is scheduling a 15-minute overview with a Solutions Consultant for your specific SAP environment.

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