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There are few industries that rely more heavily on paper documents than the legal industry. Many law offices are unaware of the exact cost of their annual print spend.

In order to maintain an optimized practice workflow, a legal practice needs to continually increase productivity, reduce costs, automate processes, improve their client experience, and solve complex compliance and security issues. Without controls and measures, their printing costs could be higher than necessary.

Law firms’ printing expenses can account for up to six percent of their total revenue. An effective solution to control print costs in the legal industry, while improving document workflows and printing processes can be to implement a Managed Print and Document Software Solution Strategy.

Some of the benefits of a Managed Print and Document Software Solution Strategy include maximized uptime, less time spent manually searching for information, increased productivity, reduced storage space and costs, improved data security and an overall cost savings of up to 30%. With advances in scanning and electronic archiving and OCR technologies, managing your digital workplace is now within reach.

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