Strategic Issue
Neuske’s was encumbered by manual purchase orders, vendor
invoicing and payment processing for two distinct business
verticals. Neuske’s needed to move away from a legacy of paperbased
systems between multiple locations and incorporate an
updated workflow process so they could scale their business
to meet growth objectives. Employees held concerns about
digitizing the two separate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
systems, expecting a cumbersome transition period. Neuske’s
was looking for a way to integrate their autonomous ERPs as
well as an outside resource with a proven record of expertise to
facilitate the project.

The James Solution
A James Solutions Group engineer helped integrate Neuske’s
existing ERPs into one, easy-to-use interface with DocuWare’s
content management system. The dashboard platform made it
simple for the internal team to search for documents and as a
result, Neuske’s experienced a 50% reduction in time spent on
all purchase order related accounts payable processing. The
project took less than 60 days from project initiation to launch,
delivering a fast, effective workflow integration that increased
overall productivity and efficiency.

Customer Benefits
• One system integrates multiple business verticals for a fast
and seamless workflow
• Saves time so employees can focus on mission-critical projects
• User-friendly interface makes onboarding and application easier• Under 60 days from project initiation to launch
• Employees spend 50% less time on purchase order and
accounts payable processing

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Industry: Wholesale and Retail Specialty Meats Supplier Solutions Implemented: Content Management & Workflow Integration