Schools that have continuously been in financial distress need solutions that can deliver without breaking the bank. Software solutions are one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to improve efficiency in schools. Here’s what administrators in education should know about software tools like PaperCut.

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is an incredibly useful software component that allows administrators to exercise effective control over their print environments.

The powerful software has robust user tracking and monitoring capabilities. These capabilities make it possible for school administrators to know when students or even teachers are abusing facility printers by printing unnecessary documents for personal use. Being able to understand who is printing what can help schools manage their expenses and significantly reduce printing costs.

Think about how much toner and paper is wasted every day on unnecessary print jobs. Schools shouldn’t have to pay for students taking advantage of facility printer, and with PaperCut, they don’t have to.

James Imaging Solutions for Education

Leading firms like James Imaging have a suite of robust software solutions that help make educating more natural. James Imaging understands the needs of educational institutions. Better yet, they can fulfill them and at a conservative price.

Document Management Solutions

One of the most robust advantages of partnering with firms like James Imaging is their document management tools. While businesses use many of the same tools, schools can also take advantage of them as well.

Document management services make it possible for educators to traverse their files and records with the utmost efficiency, which means that fewer hours are wasted by school personnel trying to access their files.

State-of-the-Art Security

Armed with software tools from James Imaging, schools can keep administrator, teacher, and student information secure. Many schools don’t have the budget to support full-time IT professionals in separate departments.

Schools can’t afford to skimp on security. The personally identifiable information of countless students is stored on the drives of school printers. Protecting these kids is a serious responsibility for schools across the nation.

Keeping up with technology is something that schools have been known to struggle with primarily due to their limited budgets. By using both PaperCut and managed print services from leaders like James Imaging, schools can stay a few steps ahead. Their managed print services come complete with robust security software and the support of experienced cybersecurity professionals that can help diffuse any security issues regarding printers.

Mobile Printing 

Mobile printing is another powerful benefit of managing school printing operations with software tools like PaperCut. This astounding technology makes it possible to execute print jobs from anywhere in the facility. The ability to print from afar is a crucial advantage to have in today’s bustling, fast-paced world.

With competition in the job market fiercer than ever, students need an edge that will help prepare them to work quickly, and effectively when on the go. Mobile printing solutions help schools do just that and keep them productive when in transit. 

The Beauty of PaperCut for Schools 

PaperCut is a robust platform that allows users to turn their print environments into powerhouses of commerce. One would be surprised how much money is lost to departments that do not take advantage of simple yet effective software solutions like Papercut.

When used in schools, Papercut can significantly reduce costs and can track how employees use the system. Part of the beauty of managed print solutions for school printing is that it costs less while delivering much more.

PaperCut can service schools of virtually any size. From quaint little schools to the byzantine sprawl of universities, PaperCut has what it takes to manage the use of printers.

Easily Implement School-Wide Printing Policies with PaperCut

Another massive advantage that PaperCut brings to schools is the ability to implement and enforce school-wide printing policies. These policies can be extended to all users or restricted to a single user who has been abusing their printing privileges. With PaperCut, administrators can place caps on how many pages students can print. 

The ability to implement these policies is more important than ever considering the astounding amount of waste generated by printing paper. Primary and secondary schools, for example, generate 258,000 tons of paper waste daily. 

Take Wisconsin School Printing to the Next Level, with James Imaging and PaperCut

James Imaging is the leading figure in Wisconsin for education solutions like school printing and Papercut. The incredible quality and variety of their services have cemented their position as a leader in Wisconsin education solutions.

Do the right thing for students and teachers alike, pick up the phone and partner with James Imaging for the best deals on hardware equipment.