Teaching and paperwork go hand in hand. An educator goes through countless papers a day – both from students and from their own files. Being an educator means needing to print documents regularly, whether they’re handouts for students or files for administrative use. Teaching isn’t a profession that moves slowly, either. On average, a teacher goes through 50 reams of paper each year – they don’t have time to wrestle with finicky printers. Managed print services can help an institution streamline one of its most prominent stressors.

In the digital age, not all documents can be digitized. Papers that go out to students or guardians, for example, are typically given out as hard copies. With these necessary papers, educators must have a few guarantees – that a printer will operate when they need it to, and that their documents are completely secure.

MPS can swoop in and save a distressed print environment. Worrying about sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands is a thing of the past with the exceptional service and security that comes from employing MPS.

How Managed Print Services Ensure Document Security

Most people know how much of a risk cyber-attacks pose. About 64% of Americans don’t know what steps to take in the event of a data breach. Most people know that to decrease the risk of a data breach, they have to protect their computers. What most people don’t know, though, is that the printer also poses a considerable risk to an educational environment’s overall cybersecurity. Many sensitive documents go through a printer, and without any protection, those documents can easily be hijacked.

While most people know to protect their computers, they overlook their printers. Only around 6% of people believe workplace printers pose the highest security risk of all devices. With that many people not correctly protecting their printers, it’s no wonder that hackers seem to target these devices – they contain a wealth of information and they’re unsecured. Hackers can steal documents by rerouting printing jobs and changing settings remotely. As technology evolves, so do the hackers’ tactics to steal sensitive data.

Managed print services offer trained experts who can safeguard printers from any attack preemptively. Printers and multifunction printers with embedded security can lower an institution’s risk of falling victim to a data breach. Employing MPS also means attaining the ability to print from anywhere at any time – from their computers, phones, or even while they’re away from the institution.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Educators

Security isn’t the only useful feature managed print services bring with them. In addition to a new level of security that protects all printing and the compatibility across devices, these services can also:

  • Educate others on the proper use of equipment
  • Help an institution create and stick to a printing budget
  • Institute better practices for printing

These better practices, among others, can include setting limits on how much can be printed per day, especially if the institution permits students to print their own documents.

Sometimes, it can be hard to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Printers can be challenging to handle and understand, but MPS can educate printer users on how to print effectively, save paper, and lower an institution’s carbon footprint overall. By setting limits on how much can be printed per day and creating other regulations, all printer users are educated about how much paper they really use and how to more effectively use the print fleet’s resources.

Additionally, MPS can rescue a suffering budget. While also giving an exact calculation of how much spending is going to physical parts like paper, toner, and the like, these IT professionals can ensure that every device is running efficiently and make upgrades if needed – thereby saving money that an old device could be losing an institution in the long run.

Preserve Education Importance with Secure Document Solutions

With documents so critical to the educational process, an institution needs to know their information is secure so that essential documents are not leaked. Managed print services can improve an institution’s security as well as optimize all devices and the budget so that educators can get back to doing what they love most: teaching.

James Imaging values educators and appreciates the hard work they do, and that’s why they strive to keep institutions covered with their software solutions. In addition to complying with FERPA, EPA, and other regulations, James Imaging optimizes security and streamlines all printing processes so that educators don’t have to take the stress of finding and printing documents on themselves.

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