Managing a large volume of documents is a challenge for any business. For legal firms faced with the need to juggle a variety of documents regularly, handling many types of documents efficiently is even more critical for administrative staff, legal teams, and clients.

Attorneys have more important things to do than filing, copying, or emailing documents back and forth, yet they have frequent reasons to refer to memos, legal contracts, client emails, and much more:

  • Collaboration with other attorneys, partners, and clients
  • Updates on court proceedings and negotiations
  • Logging time spent on casework

Many legal firms are not even fully aware of their total printing and distribution costs. Printing, copying, faxing, and scanning – it all adds up to a lot of valuable time wasted – not to mention the expense of printers and supplies. 63% of businesses are not even aware of their total cost of printing paper documents.

Transitioning to a managed print service and document management powered by scan to cloud technology can transition a firm’s reliance on paper documents to electronic format, making every aspect of the team more efficient. 

How Does Scan to Cloud Work? 

The goal of scan to cloud technology is to make your documents as mobile and available as your legal team. With attorneys, paralegals, support personnel, and clients constantly on the move, everyone needs quick access to documents wherever they are, and whenever they’re needed.

With scan to cloud capabilities, any document can be easily scanned at an available multifunction printer and scanned directly to cloud-based storage. There is no worry about exposure of confidential information – data is uploaded in an encrypted form, safe from unauthorized eyes.

Performing the upload is as simple as placing a document on the printer’s scanning surface, pressing the scan button, and sending the document to the cloud. Sophisticated software provides the necessary workflow and authentication for each user of the system, controlling storage and accessibility of the uploaded documents.

Most multifunction printers from leading manufacturers are supported, and most popular storage destinations are facilitated including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others.

Users of scan to cloud can scan, fax, or email documents straight to secure storage quickly and efficiently. With a single click, authorized employees can upload documents to the cloud, letting workflow seamlessly route the information in encrypted form.

How Scan to Cloud Benefits Legal Firms

Scanning documents to cloud storage provides many advantages for legal teams:

  • Save time by storing and accessing legal briefs, emails, contracts, and other documents online. Mobile workforces and support staff working remotely or from home offices can upload and access documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Eliminate sending critical documents by courier and the need for sending paper copies by overnight mail.
  • Easily convert documents into formats needed – Word, PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Collaborate among partners while reviewing the same information in real-time.
  • Avoid potential lawsuits from leaks of confidential information due to misplaced documents or unauthorized access.
  • Eliminate the generation, distribution, and filing of hundreds – even thousands – of paper documents. Enhance the firm’s vision of going green with significantly reduced paper copies and reduction in the use of toner and other consumables.
  • Ensure compliance with court mandates, privacy concerns, and legislative requirements such as HIPAA regulations. Secure storage ensures that only authorized individuals have access to confidential information, while integrated retention policies enforced by secure document management systems provide reliable data storage.
  • Backup – standard backup procedures secure all documents against data loss.

Boosting Productivity with Scan to Cloud

Scan to cloud provides a new level of productivity throughout legal firms:

  • Less printing, filing, copying, mailing, and faxing.
  • Speed access to documents with immediate upload and availability – from anywhere – on any device.
  • Control access to all documents with customizable workflow. Scan to cloud does the work for you. Multistep processes can be transformed into a single step with an integrated workflow.
  • Share information efficiently and securely.
  • Streamline business processes by transforming from paper documents to secure digital editable documents.
  • Search capabilities let legal teams find exactly the item needed easily and efficiently. No more lost information or lost time locating a misplaced document. 
  • Organize all casework efficiently including court documents, client memos, photographs, diagrams, and billing records.
  • With a centralized setup, administrators can authorize multifunction printers and users for access to scan to cloud services. Once granted use of these capabilities, cumbersome passwords are not required for every document, streamlining document management while also providing complete security.

Secure Document Management with Scan to Cloud

Are your documents working for your legal firm efficiently? James Imaging Systems will help you perform an analysis of your document management requirements and find the solution that’s right for your organization. 

Our document and printing specialists have been increasing productivity and saving money for clients for over 40 years. We can do the same for your firm. 

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