Strategic Issue

Waupaca Foundry had one central location designated to receive 12,000 accounts payable invoices per month. However, most vendors sent invoices to any point of contact at Waupaca’s six locations. Once received, an AP clerk would manually match the invoice to the goods receipt. If there was no match, the clerk would email a manager with a scan of the invoice – resulting in a significant number of labor hours expended tracking down missing documents and numerous unpaid invoices at different stages of approval.

The James Solution

Through thoughtful discovery and expertise in workflow automation and design, the James Imaging Systems’ Solutions Group recommended that DocuWare, an easy-to-use content management system, be integrated with the foundry’s existing SAP environment. Now all purchaser requests are linked to a creator and all AP invoices are sent to one central mailbox and automatically matched with a goods receipt. If there is a total match, the invoice is auto approved and if not, DocuWare routes the invoice back
to the creator for approval.

Customer Benefits

  • 45% of AP invoices are now automatically approved
  • Automating the AP workflow removed the need to hire additional staff
  • Enhanced AP workflow contributes to Waupaca Foundry’s operational efficiencies
  • The millions of documents migrated out of SAP and stored into DocuWare saves $23,300 annually in storage fees
  • Routing automation saves 4 minutes per invoice across 12,000 monthly invoices, eliminating 800 labor hours per month

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Industry: Manufacturing - Foundry Solutions Implemented: : Content Management & Workflow Integration with SAP