Are you looking at your old copier, wondering if it’s time to get a new one? Not sure whether you should replace it or purchase a device capable of doing a lot more for your company? Wait! Before opening your wallet, it’s worth comparing copiers with multifunction printers to help you make an informed decision.
Comparing Functions
No matter how good a copier is, many can only do one thing: make copies. On the other hand, a multifunction printer is a versatile piece of equipment. It can copy, print, scan, and in some cases fax.
Comparing Speed
In a busy office environment, time is often of the essence. As a result, when it comes to large copy runs, new copiers sometimes have the edge over MFPs. However, with short runs, this difference is barely noticeable.
Comparing Ease of Use
When MFPs first made their first appearances in offices, they were cumbersome and difficult to use machines. You needed to be a codebreaker or have the patience of a saint to work out how to print and scan. Subsequent technological advances have made them much more user-friendly with convenient touchscreens. Copiers, meanwhile, still come with a variety of buttons and settings that may take some time to get used to.
Comparing Size
Office space is premium, and you’d probably rather not waste it with bulky machines. Unfortunately, many copiers still need much room to operate. However, multifunction printers have been steadily shrinking in size over the years. They’re still as versatile as they’ve always been, but everything fits neatly into a smaller frame.
Comparing Cost
There can be a considerable difference between the price of a black and white copier and a multifunction printer. MFPs, in general, are more expensive because of their superior functionality. Whichever device you select, you can either purchase it outright or enter into a lease agreement that lets you spread payments over time.
Finding the Right Machine For You
When deciding whether a copier or MFP is right for you, consider the demands of your office team and what they need to accomplish in their daily workflows. Also, bear in mind how you might grow in the future and choose a compatible device with your growth plans.
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