Small businesses and nonprofits have always had to watch their bottom lines to ensure financial health and continued operation. 

But since the COVID-19 pandemic got its first foothold in the economy, keeping close control over capital expenditures and making the most of every budget dollar has become even more critical for these organizations.

Balancing cost-containment measures with operational needs is a difficult, and often stress-inducing task, but understanding the best areas in which to make changes and investments can help companies and non-profit organizations leverage their strengths for better bottom-line health.

One of the best places in which to identify and pursue cost containment is the IT department. And, one of the primary ways to reduce spend while increasing efficiency is to invest in managed print services.

Managed Print Services for Operational Efficiency

With the cost of office supplies ranging from $922 to $1,106 per year per employee, even small budgets could get a boost from going digital. 

Digitizing documents through a managed print service saves money on paper, pens, ink and toner, and even expensive real estate costs, as the process removes the need to store reams of hard copies. 

But that’s just a small example of the big cost reductions organizations who rely on managed print can achieve. 

  1. Save on Printing Costs

Working with a managed print services (MPS) provider can help reduce total printing costs by 20% to 30% overall by managing the unseen costs of printing. This includes identifying underutilized equipment and reducing energy consumption to streamline workflows and lower utility costs.

A technology called “pull print,” which means a document is not hard-printed until the recipient is there to receive it from the output tray, ensures a 10% to 15% reduction in waste — both paper and toner.

With MPS, ink and toner supplies are automatically ordered at the correct time — for a specific device — to ensure supplies are there when they’re needed. This technique circumvents the need for storage of overstocked printer supplies and lets your organization keep your capital expenditures under firmer control.

  1. Reduction in Downtime

Another enormous issue for nonprofits and small businesses is the cost of downtime. While this cost is dependent on many factors, Gartner has calculated the average cost of IT downtime to be $5,600 per minute. 

In their report, they note that almost all organizations surveyed agreed that an hour of downtime cost over $100,000. For many small businesses and nonprofits, suffering downtime can be destructive.

MPS reduces the burden of downtime by ensuring that your print infrastructure is managed appropriately, with routine maintenance performed regularly. Also, troubleshooting and help desk calls are included in your monthly fee, so there are no “surprise” costs when unexpected issues arise.

  1. Increased Security for Risk Prevention

Today’s modern businesses and nonprofits are often under strict regulations regarding data privacy compliance. Exposing sensitive client or consumer data to potential theft or loss can result in expensive — sometimes devastating — litigation.

Your MPS provider can analyze your current infrastructure and implement some security fail-safes such as redundancies, cloud-based automation and applications, access controls, disaster recovery plans, and other technologies to protect and secure your mission-critical data. 

Let James Imaging’s Managed Print Services Suite Help Control Your Bottom Line

At James Imaging, we’re experts in providing high-quality, secure managed print services to Wisconsin small business owners and nonprofit organizations. 

We can help your organization free up your IT department for more crucial work — or help manage your print-related IT for companies that don’t have in-house help. Our team of experts will assess your infrastructure to optimize your devices, proactively manage your toner supply to eliminate waste and stockpiling, reduce the need to deal with multiple vendors, and ensure your print environment is well-secured.

With certified professionals managing your print needs, you’ll experience less downtime and reduce help-desk calls. Plus, you’ll get the kind of print cost transparency that will allow you to quantify the resources needed to keep your operation running smoothly, and allow you to eliminate the costs that aren’t serving you.

Give your organization’s print budget a tune-up. Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems and learn how managed print services can help you reduce your print spend for bottom-line savings.