The digital economy is one aspect of our floundering business world that has remained robust in the face of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

And one particular area of interest that brings this thriving segment of industry into focus is the increasing number of mobile employees entering the workforce.

Workers that are primarily using tablets, smartphones, and laptops to accomplish work tasks from a remote location or while on the go is projected to rise from 78.5 million this year to 93.5 million by 2024.

This increase was actually supported by the existence of COVID-19 and its ongoing impact on the business environment, as it has skyrocketed mobile usage and positioned businesses who prioritize mobile as front-runners among their competition.

That means that smart business owners are working to outfit mobile staff and target areas of business that can thrive in a mobile environment, such as warehouse operations, are searching for tools that will help boost the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their mobile operations.

That new focus on  mobile printing is becoming an essential technology for businesses wanting to encourage a mobile-centric work environment.

How Mobile Printing Technology Increases Business Agility

Business agility is a crucial element in today’s post-COVID world.

The term “business agility” refers to a company’s ability to adapt quickly to market changes, respond rapidly to new demands, adapt to change, and be a competitive advantage.

Cultivating agility allows businesses to be more resilient in the face of various crises for a better business outcome.

Assisting an increasingly mobile workforce in reaching a high level of performance is one way your organization can boost agility — and mobile printing can provide several distinct advantages to your remote or mobile staff.

1. Unmatched Productivity

Mobile employees are often at a disadvantage as they are untethered from the traditional office environment, reducing their access to necessary office technologies such as printers.

With mobile printing, your staff can print necessary documents from any device, reducing the need for them to travel to the office to retrieve contracts, presentations, or other materials and speeding up their ability to get work done.

2. Smarter Sharing

Mobile printing means employees can wait to print a file until they need it — and they can scan and digitize documents for smarter, faster, more secure sharing.

3. Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

In businesses such as warehouse operations, mobile printing can significantly reduce operator errors and eliminate the costs associated with those errors.

In addition, using mobile printers to generate RFID codes means workers don’t have to travel to a central location to pick up labels, reducing the amount of time wasted, increasing productivity, and contributing into a full return on investment in as little as one year.

4. Better Customer Service

With printing capabilities at their fingertips, your mobile staff is empowered to bring customers the information they need — when they need it.

With no need to be tethered to a network, your employees can easily print sell sheets, customer brochures, contracts, invoices, and more with a secure wireless connection to deliver fast, accurate responses to customer needs and resolve questions and issues faster.

James Imaging Can Put the Power of Mobile Printing in Your Hands

More businesses than ever are finding the silver lining in having a mobile or remote workforce, including lowered real estate costs, better health and safety for employees, and a higher level of productivity.

Of course, productivity is only an advantage for that remote workforce or remote office user if they have all the tools they need to conduct business on the go.

If you have a staff that is mobile, working remotely, using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology, or working in a warehouse where every step matters, adding mobile printing technology to your toolbox is the perfect way to support them and get the kind of productivity enhancements that drive revenue.

At James Imaging, we provide software, equipment, and service that can help you support your mobile staff, giving them the power to securely access and print the information they need where and when they need it.

Learn how to help your mobile workforce reach new levels of productivity. Reach out to a professional at James Imaging Systems and get started with mobile printing today.