Medical Manufacturer Transforms Vendor Relationships and Improves Internal Department Communications

Strategic Issue

Ki Mobility had outgrown their existing accounts payable process. Weekly, a single email address received hundreds of vendor invoices. Compounding the challenge, additional emails containing various types of information relating to individual invoices were also forwarded to the same accounts payable email. Their process lacked the ability to automatically match individual invoices with the other related information resulting in missing invoices, slow payments, dissatisfied vendors, and internal confusion.

The James Solution

The accounts payable process was transformed by implementing DocuWare, a content management and workflow integration system that automatically matches individual invoices with all other related information. Each invoice is displayed on a dashboard where all information about its status is available in real-time. Also, a key to the success was the local accountability of the James Solutions Group and the expertise of the James’ solutions engineer.

Customer Benefits

  • Real-time status of individual accounts payable invoices
  • Increased visibility into the accounts payable workflow process
  • Internal team is available for more mission critical projects
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Fewer internal roadblocks and improved internal communication

“In less than 90 days, from the initial meeting to going live, the James Solutions Group transformed our accounts payable workflow. We now have a dashboard that provides real-time status for all invoices. This has improved communications with our vendors and our internal teams, giving us peace of mind.”

-Stacy Tadych, Ki Mobility

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